What Did Winston Churchill Call The Munich Agreement

I cannot believe that the Prime Minister or any Prime Minister, who has a large operational majority, is capable of such an act of historical and constitutional indecency. I think too much about him. Of course, if I misjudged him on the right, and there is a dissolution of the Munich Agreement, of the Anglo-Nazi friendship, of the state of our defence and so on, everyone will have to fight according to his convictions, and only a prophet could predict the end result; But whatever the outcome, few things could be more fatal to our chances of survival as a great power than to tear this country apart on this murderous issue, foreign policy, at a time when, whatever ministers, combined efforts can protect us alone. But what will France and England be, as I want to know, this year and the following year? What will be the position of the Western Front, of which we have the guarantors in full power? The German army is currently larger than that of France, even if it is not as mature or sophisticated. Next year it will be much bigger and its maturity will be more complete. Freed from all fears in the East and with secure resources that will diminish, or even eliminate, the deterrence of a maritime blockade, the leaders of Nazi Germany will have the free choice of the direction they choose. If the Nazi dictator chooses to look west as he sees fit, France and England will bitterly regret the loss of this fine army of ancient Bohemia which, according to estimates, last week needed no less than 30 German divisions for its destruction. After being so strengthened by the example of others, I will imitate them. So I would like to start by saying the most unpopular and the most unwelcome. First of all, I would like to say what everyone wants to ignore or forget, but what we have to say is that we have suffered a total and total defeat and that France has suffered even more than we have. Again, what happened in Warsaw? The British and French ambassadors visited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Colonel Beck, or attempted to visit him to demand some weakening of the harsh measures taken against Czechoslovakia with regard to teches. The door was closed to them, the French ambassador did not even receive an audience and the British ambassador received a very curious response from a political director. The whole is described in the Polish press as a political indiscretion of these two powers, and we read today the success of Colonel Beck`s coup.

I do not forget, I must say that it has been less than twenty years since the British and French bayonets saved Poland from the bondage of a century and a half. I think this is indeed a sad episode in the history of this country, for the freedom and rights of which so many of us have had warm and long sympathy. “The impact of the crisis on Yugoslavia can be immediately traced. Since the 1935 elections that followed shortly after the assassination of King Alexander, the Serbian and Croatian opposition to Dr. Stoyadinovitch`s government has been campaigning for the next elections under the slogan: “Back to France, England and the Little Agreement; Back to democracy. The events of the past fourteen days have triumphantly confirmed Dr. Stoyadinovitch`s policy. …” Its policy of close ties with Germany is “that the opposition has virtually collapsed overnight; The new elections, the date of which was questionable, will probably take place very soon and will only lead to a landslide victory of Dr. Stoyadinovitch`s government. How does Czechoslovakia remain? Not only have they remained politically silent, but they are also totally disoriented economically and financially.