Proact Service Level Agreement

Work package managers presented the technical objectives, job descriptions and associated results for each WP. This sparked discussions at the consortium level about potential challenges and led to a brainstorming of preliminary solutions. The PSA and EC also recognized the need to have a strong end user table, which is connected to ensure future spin-in and spin-out, for terrestrial robotics. The scale and ambition of the project were identified as challenges over the 24-month period, providing a moderately agile approach to project management to ensure early prototyping and partial integration of new subsystems with previously developed og-developed elements. The pro-ACT program also teaches participants how to respond to a low physical risk through a practice of avoidance. To protect staff and the client, tax evasion is a practical response to low risk. Proact has experience with different complexity projects. In some cases, complete databases have been migrated to ensure the continued availability of the service. The process included developing and experimenting with a detailed migration plan for nearly a month until it was believed that business processes would not be affected. The continuation of cooperation is already almost invisible, we offer access to infrastructure and technical support. Technical assistance is provided 24/7. Proact is the first and only Veeam cloud and service provider in Latvia. In addition, we have been developing skills for Veeam for several years and have reached a unique level in the acquisition of Veeam technologies in Latvia.

Cloud Connect is available. > The customer has made unauthorized changes to the configuration or configuration of the affected devices, software or services. Proact is the first and only VMware service provider at the enterprise level in Latvia. This means that with our knowledge and certified professionals, we can be proud to work with VMware, and we have long been proven in working with VMware technologies. The Docker service offers the ability to use the popular solution for application containerization, with a focus on developing its own application and tracking the Docker platform based on Proact`s technical know-how. Proact Cloud – Infrastructure as a Service is an opportunity to reduce your IT costs by leaving the care for the installation of the server, the hardware, the provision and maintenance of us.