Louisville Water Company Landlord Agreement

Louisville Water rents on a First Come, First Serve basis. To temporarily meet the desired date, Louisville Water asks potential tenants to complete and file a rent application. Prospective tenants are encouraged to plan an on-site visit. For more information about renting or planning an on-site visit, call 502.897.1481 or fill out a contact form and send a contact form. Louisville Water requires a lease entered into and signed with a $500 bail $US before a date is considered reserved. Your desired date, if available, will be confirmed as soon as your rental application, lease and Louisville Water deposit have been received and approved. The lease specifies these requirements. The service deposit is credited to the water account though: New accounts are created for real estate that already have a water service. To open a new account or transfer an account to another address, call our Customer Care Center at 502.583.6610. If you don`t have water service in your home, please choose option 5 to speak to a customer service employee.

To report a main part of the water, select option 1 from our automated telephone system. A break from the water means you can see the water flowing down the road. For questions about HomeServe, select Option 4. To stop, start or transfer the service (including an owner, we need to talk to you to verify the identity. To set up a new service, we also need your Social Security number, so please, you can have it when you call. The service deposit may be omitted if a customer provides a good letter of credit from a former water supplier and/or if payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer`s bank account. Louisville Water Customer Service Centers Please note: Checks, payment instructions and cash payments accepted at these sites. Use these helpful tips to keep the payment going: automatically pay your bill with your current or savings account by signing up for AutoPay. The total amount of your bill will be deducted from your bank account on your customer`s due date. Based on the customer`s Experian Utility score, a $100 service deposit may be required.

Paying your bill has never been easier! Below are our multiple payment options. Please contact us on Monday – Friday, 8am .m – 18:00 .m. at 502.583.6610 and select option 2 of our automated telephone system. . Learn more about Drops of Kindness, a tailored approach that helps customers solve unpaid bills and reduce future financial obligations.