Education Sponsorship Agreement Template

All school sponsorships must comply with our sponsorship and transposition guidelines. All sponsorship and trade agreements involving exchanges of products, cash or goods require a formal agreement or contract. For most trade agreements, a formal agreement may be based on an exchange of letters. Please note the following models for your use: Sponsorship and sales rules in school policy are regularly reviewed to make them clearer, more effective and more useful. We welcome the feedback from school leaders, teachers and school staff in this process. If you would like to comment, please let us know by email. Information on sponsorship and other business activities in schools. In all sponsorship agreements, it is important that you consult with your school community. The sponsorship team is also able to advise schools: For agreements over $10,000, please contact us. Sponsorships can take the form of cash or “value in kind,” for example.

B a sponsor who makes available for printing a school newsletter or sponsor that provides gardening supplies for a school vegetable garden.