Contoh Asking Opinion Giving Opinion Agreement Disagreement

This article is very well suited to the English expression of Grade 11, in which students sitting in Grade 2 or MA must understand the opinion and thoughts of Grade 11. The definition of opinion in English is opinion and point of view. However, this article can also be an exercise and a question on the issue and give opinion 8. Regarding the issue of essays on opinion or farce in fact tides is very difficult as the issue of the QCM. “Of course. That`s exactly right. I agree with you. That`s a good point. I think I can`t agree anymore. “Neither do I.

Tika: Dwi, can you help me choose a dress for my birthday party tonight? Dwi: Yes, of course. Tika: Here! Look at this! There are three dresses. I have to choose one of them. Dwi: I think pink looks cute. Tika: Yes. I think so. But I`m 17. I don`t think I`m cute anymore. Dwi: Well, blue is beautiful. But I don`t like cutting. So, in my opinion, you should choose the black one. It will make your body look slim and you will look more mature.

Tika: Is that what you think? Dwi: Yes, I think so. Tika: All right, I`m going to wear the black dress for my birthday party tonight. Thank you Dwi. Dwi: You`re welcome. Well, we will now discuss examples of dialogue issues and opinions in English! Below are two examples of dialogues that allow you to practice at home and at school with your friends. Before discussing examples of dialogue issues and questions of opinion, we will first discuss the terms of the question of opinion. Below are some examples of phrases that can be used to ask for opinions in English, formally or informally, pay attention and yes! Sometimes, when we express opinions, we might like to give a reason. Mark: I`m sorry, but I`m not sure about you.

Here is an example of questions and opinions and the answer. Most of the questions are multiple-choice choices, so the example of giving multiple choice advice and the answer makes us accustomed to the national exam question model. Learn the following examples! Probably the most fundamental way in which we can express your opinion here. After using the question and how to answer, the next task is to answer how. Some ask how to seek someone`s opinion, and then the dialogue asks someone who asks for the opinion of someone who will be equipped to address the opinion of another, either aggreeing or disagreeing. Here are some examples of discussions on issues and opinions in English. This time we learned not only 3 examples of English dialogue on issues and opinions, but 28 interviews to complement the example of the previous English dialogue, which is still intertvening.